New Year, New Storage

Happy New Year! To start off 2022, I’ve started adding some storage items to the longhouse model.

To begin with, I’m just using some colourful primitives as stand-in geometry. Eventually this will be replaced by models of storage items–like dried plants–that other artists have created.

First I added a couple of overhead storage poles in the vestibules of the buildings. Then I combined those with the interior storage poles that already existed, and populated them with random collections of storage items. Here are some results, with different longhouse sizes and configurations:

Once we replace those candy-coloured primitives with more realistic models, the longhouses will start to feel like real lived-in spaces!

Here are a couple of views showing how the interior might appear; one from outside, one from within the vestibule. I’ve used a wide-angle lens here to make it easier to see the surrounding structure:

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