Longhouse Details

Now that the longhouse model is getting incorporated into the game environment, it’s time to start adding a few more details.

I started with a supply of small logs under the bunks. I haven’t checked the reference material, but I assume this is firewood storage:

Next, I added the flat interior walls that separate the vestibules on each side from the central living area. These used a similar approach to the exterior walls: laying rectangular sheets of bark over each other in layers. The difference is the outer border needed to be trimmed to fit inside the shell of the building. The interior walls are most easily seen if we make the ground invisible and look up at the building from below:

Finally, I added some rope lashings to hold together the interior framework. I used a similar approach to the lashing on the palisade asset. This is an ‘in progress’ version, since there are some complex attachments that make it difficult to make each turn of rope behave properly. Still, it’s a useful start!

The next step is to start populating the interior of the building with props that have been created by other artists. Adding some hanging dried food, tools etc. should start making this feel like a lived-in home instead of an empty shell!

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