New Year, New Storage

Happy New Year! To start off 2022, I’ve started adding some storage items to the longhouse model. To begin with, I’m just using some colourful primitives as stand-in geometry. Eventually this will be replaced by models of storage items–like dried plants–that other artists have created. First I added a couple of overhead storage poles inContinue reading “New Year, New Storage”

Level Design / Populating the Environment

Building on Kris Howald’s work creating an accurate terrain / landscape appropriate for the time period we looked to the final Jean Baptiste Laine report as our basis for the layout of the city itself. Using the late phase floorplan, placeholder longhouse models were positioned in approximate locations relative to each other, the palisade, andContinue reading “Level Design / Populating the Environment”

The Three Sisters and mounds

The three sisters! I loved learning about the three sisters – squash, corn and beans, the core of First nation farming. I was aware of the practice of rotating certain crops to replenish soil nutrition (nitrogen fixing bacteria in legume plants) but this was the first time I learnt of companion planting and how theyContinue reading “The Three Sisters and mounds”