New Year, New Storage

Happy New Year! To start off 2022, I’ve started adding some storage items to the longhouse model. To begin with, I’m just using some colourful primitives as stand-in geometry. Eventually this will be replaced by models of storage items–like dried plants–that other artists have created. First I added a couple of overhead storage poles inContinue reading “New Year, New Storage”

Longhouse Bark ‘Skin’

With some parts of the main structure finished, I’ve started to look at creating the exterior ‘skin’ of the longhouse, which is made of overlapping sheets of bark. The approach here is to scatter small planes all over the surface of the structure, each one representing a single bark sheet. Here’s a first pass withContinue reading “Longhouse Bark ‘Skin’”

Internal Structure of Longhouse

As promised, here’s an update which now includes the main parts of the longhouse’s internal structure. Long poles are lashed together to make a frame, to which are attached separate supports for hanging items and for supporting low platforms for storage or sleeping. As shown before, Houdini’s proceduralism allows me to define the layout ofContinue reading “Internal Structure of Longhouse”

Procedural Longhouse

Leaving the palisade aside for the moment, I’ve turned my attention to the longhouse itself. We will need several of these, and there will need to be some variation between the structures. The research shows that they tend to follow a common plan, with some variation–especially the number of ‘sections’ within one structure, allowing differentContinue reading “Procedural Longhouse”

Palisade Part 2

I’ve continued my work on the procedural palisade. I corrected the shape of the uprights to reflect the fact that these were essentially entire small trees stripped of branches–not thick posts sharpened to a point. I began testing out the procedural generation using a few different input shapes: a line, a circle, and an arbitraryContinue reading “Palisade Part 2”

Procedural Palisade

I am–I think!–the ‘Houdini expert’ Kris mentioned earlier. Now that I’ve joined the project, I’m looking at ways to leverage Houdini’s powerful proceduralism to help create the necessary assets for this project. A starting point was to ensure we could use Houdini and Unreal in combination with one another. This is possible thanks to theContinue reading “Procedural Palisade”