Drying Rack 001

My next assigned item is a drying rack. I immediately decided to make an orthographic drawing based on the photos provided. I wanted to make sure the scale was right. The hide is an estimated 4 feet, so the drying rack has to be 7 feet. Once this drawing was done, I took it into Maya to start modelling! I started with the branches, making sure they were strong, but also had some natural curves and sway to them. Once they were all aligned properly for the structure, I began to ‘secure’ them together with some string. The string was likely made from natural materials, so it had to be mismatch and imperfect. This is why I made them with varying thicknesses, and also used different knot styles since more than one person may have constructed the rack. In Mudbox, I added textures to the wooden branches and the centre of the hide where it wouldn’t have been stretched as much.

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