Palisade Part 2

I’ve continued my work on the procedural palisade. I corrected the shape of the uprights to reflect the fact that these were essentially entire small trees stripped of branches–not thick posts sharpened to a point.

I began testing out the procedural generation using a few different input shapes: a line, a circle, and an arbitrary curve:

Note the last test shape, the curve, travels up and down as well as snaking along the ground. It will be important for our palisade to work properly across uneven terrain.

I also devised some methods for adding the horizontal braces and a simple version of the lashing that holds everything together. I built in a switch to make it easy to flip the inside/outside direction of the palisade:

Finally, I updated the asset in Unreal to see the results in the game engine. Not bad as a starting point!

The next step will be to figure out how to use an input curve from Unreal to control the path of the palisade. And after that… finally… I’m afraid I won’t be able to put off dealing with UV’s any longer. Ugh!

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