Palisade Details

I’ve added some more details to the palisade asset. First, I added some UV’s to allow for texturing. Here’s a view with some stand-in textures; for the final product, of course, it will need the same stylized, painterly textures that are being used for the other assets. But this at least provides a sense of how it might come together:

I also broke up the ends of the horizontal braces, so they aren’t perfectly squared off, but seem a bit more ragged or splintered. Then I doubled the lashings holding each brace to the upright posts, and added some more variety to that geometry: different colours, thicknesses, etc. Here are untextured and textured views:

Procedural UV’s are always challenging; I’ve tried to make sure the UV seams on the cylindrical pieces of wood are always on the ‘outside’ of the palisade structure, so they won’t be visible from inside the compound. We’ll have to see if this is a successful approach, or if we need to find a different solution.

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