Metate (tool)

  1. I started by bringing in the height reference and importing the obj of the 3D scan

2. Next, I made it live and started going about using the quad draw tool.

3. Once I was done going over the whole surface, I “relaxed” the edges. I got out of quad draw mode, hid the original references, and was left with this low poly object.

4. I renamed my obj, and hit 3 to see the smoothed look. and its ready to bring into mudbox!

5. In mudbox, i increased the subdivisions so I would have more to work with.

6. I then used the sculpt tools and stamps to make it a real object, and not just something that exists online. Some of the things I did was add some light indents where the fingers likely would have gripped the stone. I also added some scrape marks around the centre of the stone, because thats where the pestle, spoon, or other tool would have been hitting the object.

And now it’s sent off for approval!


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