Procedural Palisade

I am–I think!–the ‘Houdini expert’ Kris mentioned earlier. Now that I’ve joined the project, I’m looking at ways to leverage Houdini’s powerful proceduralism to help create the necessary assets for this project.

A starting point was to ensure we could use Houdini and Unreal in combination with one another. This is possible thanks to the Houdini Engine plugin. Today I got that installed and tested.

I’m using the palisade for my trial object; it will be useful to be able to simply draw a curve on the ground in Unreal and then have Houdini’s procedural engine generate a detailed model based on that. I’m starting with fairly simple stakes as stand-in objects, but eventually we will be able to replace those with much more detailed models.

Below you can see the palisade asset in Houdini and in Unreal, showing how a custom control called ‘length’ can be used to generate a shorter or longer section of the structure.

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