Over the past few weeks I continued to work on the objects assigned to me. I finished up the rough models of my Mortar & Pestle, the Stone Beads, the Scraper and the Awls. I spent the past two weeks working out the details of my objects. I focused mainly on the texturing at this point. I attempted to give the Mortar & Pestle a wooden grain and added some minor dents and scratches to the surfaces. I did the same for the handle of the Scraper. I tried to get a more chiseled look on my Scraper as the previous versions seemed almost soft. I achieved this by using Trim Adaptive in Zbrush I also added to smaller scrapes and grooves to my stone textures, I also attempted to get a a more fibrous/porous bone look in my awls as they were made from animal bones. After completing these steps I moved on to the retopology portion of this assignment and retopologized and UV’d my models accordingly.

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