Palisade Part 2

I’ve continued my work on the procedural palisade. I corrected the shape of the uprights to reflect the fact that these were essentially entire small trees stripped of branches–not thick posts sharpened to a point. I began testing out the procedural generation using a few different input shapes: a line, a circle, and an arbitraryContinue reading “Palisade Part 2”

Procedural Palisade

I am–I think!–the ‘Houdini expert’ Kris mentioned earlier. Now that I’ve joined the project, I’m looking at ways to leverage Houdini’s powerful proceduralism to help create the necessary assets for this project. A starting point was to ensure we could use Houdini and Unreal in combination with one another. This is possible thanks to theContinue reading “Procedural Palisade”