Palisade Part 2

I’ve continued my work on the procedural palisade. I corrected the shape of the uprights to reflect the fact that these were essentially entire small trees stripped of branches–not thick posts sharpened to a point. I began testing out the procedural generation using a few different input shapes: a line, a circle, and an arbitraryContinue reading “Palisade Part 2”

Procedural Palisade

I am–I think!–the ‘Houdini expert’ Kris mentioned earlier. Now that I’ve joined the project, I’m looking at ways to leverage Houdini’s powerful proceduralism to help create the necessary assets for this project. A starting point was to ensure we could use Houdini and Unreal in combination with one another. This is possible thanks to theContinue reading “Procedural Palisade”

Procedural longhouse and other thoughts…

There were three things that I decided to work on today. Begin to investigate approaches for procedurally generating components for the longhouse. Continue to develop the painterly look inside substance painter. Develop the beginnings of our research book shared amongst the various teams working on this project. For the procedural aspect of this project, itContinue reading “Procedural longhouse and other thoughts…”

Where we’re going – Longhouse 5.0

Now that we’ve discussed previous versions of the longhouse let’s look at where we’re at and how we’re going to move forward. This new version of the longhouse is being led by Namir Ahmed from Ryerson University. Longhouse 5.0 will realize all of the aspects that we weren’t able to incorporate into 4.0. With collaborationContinue reading “Where we’re going – Longhouse 5.0”

Where we came from – Longhouse 4.0

Welcome to my new metablog. My name is Kris Howald, and I’m a Professor with Sheridan College’s Computer Animation program. I’m not sure how long these posts will be, but I’m going to try to do my best to document the process for developing the new version of the longhouse project. I want to startContinue reading “Where we came from – Longhouse 4.0”