I’m a bit behind on my posts due to the start of my school year. So prepare for a massive release of posts from the past month and a half. This first post highlights some experimentation I was doing with cards to populate the forests. Because they’re only 2D, they are to be used from a distance. I’ve created packs, where there are a number of trees and bushes per 1 texture file, and I’m using UV placement to split them out to the individual cards. The textures were created in Photoshop, and I did my initial testing in Maya.

I played with low res cards on basic geometry to create the 3D trees. This approach could be refined further, but seems to work with the style at the moment.

Below is a render test from Maya to test the parallax effect from layering and offsetting the planes.

Most recently, I generated a quick low poly patch of grass to replace the canned grass that was being tested out.

Published by Kris Howald

I was immersed into the world of virtual archeology for my Masters Research Project at Ryerson University.  The focus of this project was the digital reconstruction of the el-Hibeh temple in Egypt.  After four months I believe I was able to demonstrate the potential this medium has to offer as a way of bridging the past and present. I'm currently visualizing the past, present, and future of a pre-contact indigenous community.

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