Bow Cover and Quiver

The bow and quiver was also fun to do but maybe a bit trickier than the others. This is because the reference image provided below has the bow cover and the quiver attached.

They were blocked out in Maya and transferred to Zbrush for detailing. Since all extrusion of surfaces and hollowing out were done in Maya it wasn’t a problem to detail in Zbrush. Similar to the spears, I used alphas to give the rough texture of leather, and used Alpha 60 with the dam standard (Zsub) to add the scratches found in natural leather.

I reimagined some string all along the side of what I’m assuming is the bow cover (without the arrows) kind of like shoe laces, for easy opening and closing of the cover. The strings also allow different sized bows to fit in it. Although the reference here seems to be made of suede leather, I made the quiver a bit thicker to mimic thicker hide/leather for durability. For one of the variations I made the bow cover and quiver separate with separate handles.

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