Internal Structure of Longhouse

As promised, here’s an update which now includes the main parts of the longhouse’s internal structure. Long poles are lashed together to make a frame, to which are attached separate supports for hanging items and for supporting low platforms for storage or sleeping.

As shown before, Houdini’s proceduralism allows me to define the layout of the structure and its components while allowing for variation in many of its properties, including number of internal sections, height, and so on. This effect of changing ‘number of sections’ is particularly clear now:

So far I’m not doing anything to position the poles precisely relative to one another. So we have some pieces which intersect others, and small gaps between others. I’m going to leave these for now; once the model is more complete we’ll be able to gauge whether these issues need to be addressed or not.

Here’s a screenshot to show the structure a bit more clearly:

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