This past week I re-modelled my Mortar & Pestle and I am a little happier with the result. In addition I re-modelled an Awl I made and I also finished up a Scraper and worked on some Beads. The Awl already has an existing obj. file but I worked it out anyway. The Scraper and the Beads for some reason were much more difficult for me to wrap my head around. I really struggled with the Scraper and it took me a good bit of the weekend to figure out the simple shapes. I struggled with the “chipped” or “flaking” effect on the Scraper. It was a challenge to make this object look like a stone which had been chiseled away. I am not satisfied with the progress so far on the Scraper but I will have a look at it with a fresh pair of eyes on Monday. The Beads were relatively easy to model but I think the textures may be the challenge with these. This week I visited Crawford Lake again. With the lockdown restrictions being lifted this week I was finally able to get into the Longhouses and I took photos of the interior of the longhouses and I also took photos of as many objects as I could as possible reference for both myself and for members of the CG Team. I will post the ZIP. file in the CG Team folder for anyone who is interested in having a look at them. Hopefully they will be of some use!

Scraper in Zbrush WIP
Beads Zbrush
Stone Beads

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