After getting great scours of reference and measurement for the chisel model, I straight forwardly brought those images in Maya and started with cube of 11 centimeter. Although making gap for the beaver tooth inside the wood stick did required some time because I wanted to make that detail, yet keep my cube clean with less polygons. For the strips of the plant fiber I followed Kris’s procedure of the axe strips, and beaver tooth was simple enough to make in Maya.

To enhance the details I took model to Mudbox increased subdivisions took whole day long sculpting with mouse 😀 . For the plant fiber look I increased thickness of it to make it look rounded then started sculpting cutting lines on it thankfully achieved the results which I wanted. Finally Beaver tooth after comparing two different pictures this is what I was able to make. We came to know that beaver were really big in size like dinosaurs back in the time so here’s my precious chisel tool made of really strong beaver tooth.

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